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Mr. Unfaithful | Kurtbastian


Kurt stretched his fingers, pressing a few keys on the piano as a few of the other warblers began to leak into the music room. He straightened his posture, glancing at the door for Sebastian to arrive. His blue hues narrowed slowly, pressing a few more keys in warm up. He had done his vocal exercises before practice began, seeing that his special vocal techniques were never actually… appealing to the eye or the ear.

It was better if no one would ever experienced it.

He had a few written pieces of sheet music in order to play this song he had personally clumped together. It wouldn’t be the best thing if he had messed up in front of everyone. Besides, Kurt Hummel was one for perfection. Nothing less. He had to appeal to his viewers — not Sebastian, he could careless what that boy thought. So he was determined to please. 

What exactly brought Kurt to mash these two songs together, you ask? Nothing really. He was laying in bed with the radio on and Unfaithful by Rihanna began to play. He thought of that night with Noah Puckerman and then his situation Sam and immediately he sat up in bed to turn on his laptop. He google searched multiple times to find a song with a near perfect contrast of the one that he had heard on the radio. Then he ran across Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

Before long, Kurt began his work. Measure after measure, repeating the songs over and over, erase after pencil mark, and finally, he had the clash finally produced….but no one to perform it with. Sebastian was an easy choice for Kurt. The boy was confident and clearly knew what he was doing most of the time…and they were bickering at eachother at the time too. He even had the voice Kurt was looking for. But the close second was Blaine. However, he hardly knew that boy and didn’t want to come out of the blue and demand that the two of them do a duet about cheating and love. That was just plain odd.

Kurt exhaled through his nose, setting his hands down in his lap for a moment. When Sebastian arrived, Kurt offered a weak smile and began to play the opening to the clash of the two songs.

Sebastian couldn’t help being curious about Kurt’s choice of song. He was less surprised at being asked to sing with him; he knew he was talented, and Kurt didn’t seem like the type to deny that even with the certain kind of animosity that seemed to hang between them. He’d spent more time than he cared to admit studying the lyrics Kurt had sent him, and listening to the songs the made up the mash-up. Of course, he didn’t really know enough about the situation in general to come up with any sound theories. It didn’t mean he’d stopped wondering.

A thrum of anticipation spread through him as he walked to meet Kurt. He knew he was close but he hadn’t been given a solo by the Warblers yet. It had been too long since he’d sung as anything but part of a group. He absentmindedly started humming scales as he walked, straightening his blazer before pushing the door open.

His head cocked at the hardly convincing smile Kurt threw his way before he started to play.

"Coming out of my cage, and I’ve been doing just fine," he started to sing, keeping his eyes locked onto Kurt, trying to ascertain if he’d wanted to launch straight into the song or not.