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Mr. Unfaithful | Kurtbastian


Kurt urged him to continue singing with an eager smile, his fingers working at the piano keys in gentle strokes. He pursed his lips slowly, not minding the other Warblers watch from their seats on the three couches. Kurt swallowed dryly and looked back up at Sebastian, trying his best to not slip up on the notes. That was completely unprofessional and just wouldn’t make do in the end. 

He inhaled shakily, getting a pulse of adrenaline from all the sets of eyes peering at the duet partners. Kurt was aiming for a solo by doing this as well, to showcase both of their talents in one go. Was it a cry for attention? Of course not. Kurt was used to singing out things that related to his life when he was in glee club. He didn’t see why he couldn’t at Dalton Academy. Sure, the upper-classmen council might mildly scold him for doing something so unplanned with Sebastian, but it’d be work it if they had gotten the benefit in the end. 

The lithe boy continued to play, dropping his gaze back down to the sheet music handwritten in pen and pencil. To be honest, Sebastian had a voice that was delightful to listen to. The slight rasp to it, the quirky tone deep within the luster of his notes, it all matched up to Kurt’s mental interpretation of it, maybe even better. Either way, the duet was going smoothly as of right now. Kurt kept an audible tempo with the heel of his dress shoe loafers, making sure the heel of it didn’t thud too loud to disrupt and distract listeners from the voice filling the room.

"Gotta gotta be down, because I want it all," Sebastian continued to sing, relaxing at Kurt’s smile. He moved to stand behind Kurt’s shoulder, looking out at the rest of the Warblers. A twitch of nerves ran through the bottom of his stomach for the first time as he tried not to study the rest of the Warbler’s expressions. He lifted his chin a little, keeping his face calm as he continued through the verse. The lyrics flowed out of his mouth easily.

He shifted slightly closer to Kurt as he moved into the pre-chorus, starting to anticipate the reaction they’d get when the other boy started to sing, introducing the second song.    He didn’t think many, if any, of the Warblers would expect a mash-up. The fact that both songs were a few years old was something he was also hoping would work to their advantage; the Warbler’s generally slid between significantly older songs, or ones that were extremely current.

He shifted his hand to Kurt’s shoulder, taking a deep breath to sustain the notes in “Let me go,” eager for the other boy to start singing.