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Mr. Unfaithful | Kurtbastian


Kurt was well aware of the surprise that was to come when the Warblers discovered this was a clever mash-up. He kept his finger prints clean when it came to things remaining on the down low. This way, Kurt was sure one of them would at least get a solo the next time the Warblers performed. He wouldn’t mind it if Sebastian was to receive a solo instead of him, his voice had this really… calming rasp to it. Something he could find himself listening to frequently if he could. It was not a disappointment, he could say that much.

The lithe boy continued to play, gently moving back against the hand on his shoulder in mild-comfort. If he had realized what he was doing, he may have probably freaked out and swatted Sebastian away like a fly, but for now he remained comfortably settled in his light grasp. A gentle smile was kept on his features, allowing the final lyrics to fall out of Sebastian’s mouth. Then it was his turn, his time to show his personal talents. To showcase them before each and every student.

His fingering continued on the keys (quickened even) and his mouth slowly opened to begin singing. “And I know that he knows I’m unfaithful, and it kills him inside. To know that I am happy with some other guy…” the countertenor sang soft and slow, hitting each note with crisp perfection. His blue hues hid under pale eyelids for only a minute before he finished his phrase. “I can see him dying.”

The chorus began between the two, two sets of lyrics meshing and colliding together in a way that Kurt thought worked quite well. He could feel the gazes still on the duo, each thought probably different. Each thought hopefully approving. Their pairing was probably unthinkable, unspoken of even, but to Kurt, he thought that was the beauty of it. To be full of surprises. He sang on into the other verse, his voice still kind and slow. Kurt took a second to glance up at Sebastian, scanning over the boy’s profile and expression. His gaze quickly snapped back to the piano and sheet music.

Our love, his trust…”

Sebastian stood, smiling, as Kurt sang his verse. The other boy’s voice was still a novelty with The Warblers, he knew that the performance would bring attention to them both. Positive attention, if Sebastian had anything to say about it. Even if he was only a Sophomore, Sebastian was aware that there were more than a few spectacular formers in the group. He wanted to be in the forefront, and he knew that he needed to start pushing forward. He couldn’t pretend that Kurt’s offer hadn’t been conveniently timed.

He squeezed Kurt’s shoulder before dropping his hand back to his side, turning to face the rest of the Warbler’s straight on as he launched into the “I never,”s that were his final lines. The corners of his mouth curled up, and he looked down at Kurt’s hand as they slid over the final chords.

The last notes faded and Sebastian’s breath caught in his throat as he surveyed the  crowd.