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Underage Scandals || Riley & Sebastian


The afternoon was Hell. Riley was so used to strolling about the town whenever he wanted back home, but he didn’t know where anything was here. Dalton had turned from a paradise into a prison. School, lacrosse, study, sleep. The cycle repeated itself every single day, slowly making Riley restless and impatient. “I’ve got to fucking get out of here!” he thought as he pounded his head against his Chemistry textbook for the fifteenth time. Sebastian’s offer could not have come at a better time, the sophomore had been drawing Riley’s attention since the try outs, and Riley started to think of him often, too often. Of course the thought of hitting up a gay bar with the hottest guy at Dalton was a convenient coincidence that made it impossible to pass up.

Toweling off the remaining moisture from his body after his shower, he excitedly began rummaging through his suitcase for a set of clothes he would feel confident in. Picking out a pair of straight-cut denim jeans and a tight aqua polo shirt, Riley set them down on his bed along with several other garments as options for the night. Deciding to wear the jeans and a white vee-neck shirt instead, he started getting dressed. The pants clung slightly to his toned legs as he pulled them on, carefully slipping the button above his zipper through the hole. They weren’t as comfortable as his uniform trousers, but they fitted well and flattered the shape of his legs. The newly washed cotton of his shirt smelled good, fresh even. The material slid on smoothly down his torso as he checked his appearence in the mirror before brushing his teeth again. Sebastian, would be there soon so Riley thought he should stop primping like a girl and had a swig of scotch he had in a flask he secretly brought with him.

The term had been too long for Sebastian’s tastes. He was more than eager to have a break. Even better; he was eager to have Riley involved in his efforts to relax. It was easy to admit the new boy’s presence at the school had greatly improved the scenery. The request to go to Scandals had left a smile on Sebastian’s face for days. It was far more often that he did the pursuing, and he had to admit having someone do the asking was nice. Not that he hadn’t been, or wasn’t, intending on doing some pursuing of his own.

He dressed simply for the club. It wasn’t like Scandals was the classist of bars. His fingers moved nimbly, buttoning up a fitted black shirt. It was paired with plain blue jeans and leather shoes. He took a moment to fix his hair, shooting a smile at his reflection.

Time to pick up Riley. Sebastian’s stomach curled in anticipation. He strolled to the door slowly, before raising his hand and knocking firmly.