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Underage Scandals || Riley & Sebastian


Riley contemplated doing a few push-ups before Sebastian arrived to pump up his arms for the night, but dismissed the thought after having several Jersey Shore images cycle through his mind. He slowly lowered himself down on his bed as he gently ran his hands along the edge of the mattress, taking a couple deep breaths as he did so. He wasn’t that nervous, but there were small inklings of fear he had that he might come off as boring or annoying. Little traces of doubt that typically stirred him up before any social interaction. Of course he always did his best to keep up a strong and confident exterior to silence those unsettling thoughts but it didn’t seem like that was working so well this time. Riley stepped onto the cold bathroom floor, his bare feet cooling with each step he took. The flask was still in his left hand from the first sip. He decided that perhaps one was not enough to calm his nerves so he bit down on his lip briefly before shooting down another swig of scotch, feeling his face scrunch up from the unpleasant bitterness of the alcohol.

The sudden rapping startled Riley, snapping him abruptly out of his daze as the alcohol subtly started to take effect. The slight churning in his stomach from earlier had finally ceased and his breathing steadied. “Come in!” he shouted casually from the bathroom. Riley took in another small dose from the silver flask and placed it in the cupboard beneath the sink, a little weary of a random inspection that could send him back home. Straightening back up, he briefly examined his appearence in the mirror, smoothing down his shirt and smiling in approval. “Will you be breaking that vow of sobriety tonight Seb?” Riley asked teasingly as he strode out from the bathroom in pursuit of Sebastian.

Riley’s shout sounded through the door, Sebastian smiled, before pushing it open. He couldn’t see the other boy in the main room, but he could hear movement from the open bathroom door, so he simply glanced around waiting. The question made him chuckles, glancing up as Riley entered the room, and letting his eyes trace up and down the other boys body. “Sadly, no,” he said, licking his lips lightly and taking a moment to appreciate the line of Riley’s t-shirt over his chest. “I’d have to be very disappointed in myself if I didn’t show off my self control to it’s full capacity.” He shrugged. “But it means no paying for a taxi, which is convenient, you have to admit.”

He strolled a little closer, smirking at the other boy. “I assure you, just because I’m sober doesn’t mean I’m not any fun.” His eyes flickered down to Riley’s lips for a moment, as he said “Is there anything else you want to do here, or shall we go?”