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Underage Scandals || Riley & Sebastian


Riley smirked slightly when he saw Sebastian’s eyes flicker over his chest, he exhaled in relief. ”Well, good luck then. I look forward to seeing the master at work. Course I hope you don’t mind but I’ll be drinking up, I need to wind down a little.” Sebastian smelled of cologne and hairspray, a combination that was definitely strangely inviting to Riley. When he moved in closer, Riley felt his lips quirk up slightly at Sebastian’s choice of words. It had been a little while since Riley had had any real “fun”. Riley moved in closer still, intensely tempted to steal a kiss then and there. “Well Sebastian, there are several things I’d like to do here right now…but I’ll have to leave that for later maybe. Let’s go.” Riley sat down on his bed again and quickly threw on some socks and converse before walking towards the door, gesturing for Sebastian to follow. The scotch was definitely a good idea.

As they started walking outside the building, Riley wondered how they were going to get there. Sebastian mentioned a taxi so he assumed it might be more than a walking distance, but he could have been referring to needing a taxi for being intoxicated. Either way he was pretty content with how his evening was turning out. Riley looked over to Sebastian, “So Sebby, how are we gonna get there?”

"I don’t mind at all," Sebastian said easily. "I thoroughly understand the need for unwinding." He let his eyes trace along the line of  Riley’s neck - it looked very inviting. "Maybe I can find some other way to do the same." He swallowed as Riley moved closer, wondering if the night was going to get interesting faster than he’d anticipated, but leant his weight back onto his heels as Riley sat down. It would be a lie if he said he didn’t have high hopes for the end of the night, but he could wait. "I’ll look forward to later, then." He strolled slowly after Riley, digging his keys out of his pockets.

"I’m driving," he said. "I’m not drinking; I have a car. Why not?" He flashed a grin at Riley, moving in front of him to lead the way to his car. "Unless you don’t trust me to get you there safely?" He gripped Riley’s shoulder tightly, feeling warm skin through his shirt.