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Mr. Unfaithful | Kurtbastian


When the song finally came to an end, Kurt kept his spot on the piano bench and turned to look over everyone’s reaction. Most of them clapped, a few gave praise, and the others simply sat in shock. The two that butted heads the most singing a duet together was almost unthinkable, yet it had just happened and they were impressive. The warblers meeting came to a close and Kurt was finally up from his spot on the bench, exchanging light conversation between a few of the upperclassmen. He didn’t pay much mind to Sebastian, they both deserved a pat on the back from their excellent work on the piece. However, Kurt would exchange his praise once everyone would leave. Which didn’t come for another good round of minutes.

The doors shut and Kurt waved good bye to the final warbler before turning to Sebastian. An enthusiastic and content sigh left the boy, his brows raising in appreciation. “I have to say, Smythe,” Kurt began, easing himself down on to the arm of one of the couches. “You aren’t bad at all with harmonizing. Especially with someone with Broadway vocal chic, like myself,” he crossed his legs at the ankle, still baring a tender smile at the male who stood a little over 6 feet tall. “Perhaps next time, if there is a next time,” Kurt noted, carding his finger tips lightly through his hair-sprayed bronze locks, “we could do a piece that isn’t a mash-up. You seem like someone fond of Maroon 5. If there’s ever a song you’d like to try out…and you need a partner or an accompanist, you could find me. I wouldn’t mind helping the likes of you. Even if I can’t stand you for a majority of the time. You’re rather easy to get along with when there’s a piece of sheet music to focus on.”

With that the boy draw his baby blue hues away and glanced out the window. He didn’t want to let on that he was actually enjoying Sebastian’s time, because that would be far from true, like his mind made his clear to be. Kurt still remembered Sebastian as an egotistical prick that he had coffee with once. Just once. And sang a duet with. Once. Even if it was less than an hour ago. “I should be on my way. I have some packing to finish for the break. There’s not a chance that I’ll be staying here for my holiday. I’ve made plans with Jeff that he’ll be staying with me over the course of spring break.”

Sebastian hadn’t expected anything but applause at the end of the song; the Warblers were always polite. That, however, didn’t mean it wasn’t gratifying. He let his mouth quirk up at the corners, trying not to look overly pleased with himself. He stayed close to the piano as the rest of the Warblers left, finding himself anticipating Kurt’s response to their successful duet eagerly. He folded his arms as he waited - Kurt wasn’t looking at him, and Sebastian shifted his weight as the last few Warblers exited the room.

He licked his lips, easing into a smile as Kurt started talking. He knew better than to expect Kurt’s praise to be effusive, but he was also didn’t think that the other boy would hold back on criticisms. He inclined his head. “Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t have asked me if you didn’t think I was up to scratch,” he drawled. “I enjoyed your half too. Your range is impressive, though I’m sure you’ve heard that before.” The movement of Kurt’s hand through his hair caught his eye, and he watched the strands slip back into place. “I can think of a few good arrangements for Maroon 5 songs.” He smiled again, wider. “I’ll let you know if I need you.”

He gestured for Kurt to move past him towards the door, nodding. “As exciting as packing sounds, I hope you have a good holiday. I imagine I’ll be expected home for Easter.” He shrugged slightly. “Have fun with Jeff. I imagine I’ll see you in the new term.”