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Underage Scandals || Riley & Sebastian


“Is that so? Pardon my hesitence buddy but last time someone promised to drive me home he ended up getting wasted and I had to walk home with vomit all over my shirt. Wasn’t too happy with that.” Riley suddenly felt a slight bitterness on the tip of his tongue, he knew the scotch was definitely responsible for his reluctant attitude but it only seemed to make him a little more eager to get to the bar and see what happens. Sebastian’s palm on his shoulder was warm, and Riley couldn’t help but wonder what the sophomore’s hands would feel like against the skin of his body. “Guess I’ll have to take my chances won’t I?”

Stopping abruptly, Riley took hold of Sebastian’s hand and slowly brought it to his lips, gently placing a kiss against his fingers with his eyes closed. “I do appreciate you taking me out tonight though, honest. I promise you won’t regret it.” His gaze slowly trailed back up from Sebastian’s bare neck to his eyes, holding completely still and waiting for a reaction. The last thing Riley was looking for was a relationship but his liquid confidence made him a little more inclined to flirt with his handsome escort, having no concern for the consequences of his behaviour at all.

Sebastian chuckled. “I’ve given it up for Lent, it’s not like I just decided to drive.” He let his thumb move, stroking over Riley’s shoulder. “I won’t screw you over.” Of course he wouldn’t. Leaving Riley stranded would be a really stupid decision considering Sebastian wanted to get laid. “I’d have to be all disappointed in myself if I did.” He smiled, wide and white. It slid from his face as Riley brought his hand to his lips. He swallowed, eyes lingering on where his fingers pressed against the other boy’s mouth.

He pressed him thumb just a little harder into Riley’s bottom lip before smiling again, lax and easy. “I don’t expect to,” he said easily, slowly pulling his hand back. “So, shall we go?” If he was completely honest with himself he’d be perfectly happy with his night if it never left the room, given the way things were going, but he had said he’d take Riley out.