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Underage Scandals || Riley & Sebastian


Sebastian’s charming smile seemed to fade slightly once Riley kissed his fingers, making him a little worried that perhaps he’d come on too strong. They had only just left the building and he hadn’t even gotten to see Scandal’s yet so the thought of ruining everything over a flirty gesture sent regrets coursing through his brain. “Dammit, now I’ve done it. Not even five minutes and the night’s probably done already.” The sound of the lump in Sebastian’s throat echoed as he swallowed, a subtle reassurance that perhaps the kiss made him nervous, or even more likely, excited. That alone was enough to put his mind at ease. The night could really go any way, it was probably possible to have a good time even if they stayed at the school since Riley was already enoying himself, but he’d been cooped up in that room for too long to consider cancelling so Scandal’s was happening, no matter what. Riley felt Sebastian steadily thumb his bottom lip causing his mouth to quirk to the right in a flirtatious smirk. Sebastian’s hand drew back slowly, evidently to ensure Riley didn’t misinterpret it as rejection. “Lead the way.”

Sebastian drew his keys from his pocket, flipping them idly in his hand as he turned to walk to his car. His baby, really, a sleek black mercedes. The beep as the doors unlocked made him smile, and he walked to the drivers side quickly. “It’s not too long a drive,” he said smoothly, before slipping into the drivers seat. He waited for Riley to get in the car before starting it, the familiar purr of the engine vibrating through the seats. A slight thrill ran through him as he glanced over at Riley. “Are you ready?” His voice was teasing, and the question really a little more dramatic than he’d usually intend, but he couldn’t help himself. He had said he’d show Riley a good time.